If you’re a dedicated foodie planning a visit to Aberfeldy, here’s a helpful selection of amazing food and drink experiences where you can learn about the production process, as well as taste the results!

Our beautiful Tayside region has long been known as the ‘bread-basket’ of Scotland, with fertile soil for growing soft fruits and vegetables, and lots of pure mountain water to make whisky! Given this fact, perhaps it’s not surprising that so many food and drink producers thrive here, and that they have now been joined by a whole new generation of artisans.

The Aberfeldy area is a particularly great example, with a respectable crop of food and drink producers that you can visit and experience yourself – it’s a real food-lover’s paradise. Here are some of my favourites:

  1. Glen Lyon Coffee

Glen Lyon Coffee, and amazing Aberfeldy food and drink experienceGlen Lyon Coffee is Aberfeldy’s resident roastery. If you walk down the road in Aberfeldy at the right time, you’ll get a lovely waft of roasting coffee, and the final result is as delicious as it smells, so much so that at Errichel we use it for our own visitors. You can book a fascinating visit to learn about the process, and taste a variety of coffees, but don’t do so if you’re in a hurry! These guys and girls are so passionate about their craft that you’ll want to take some time to become a real devotee.

  1. The Highland Chocolatier

Highland Chocolatier - a fabulous Aberfeldy food and drink experienceIn the pretty village of Grandtully as you approach Aberfeldy from the South, Ian Burnett, The Highland Chocolatier, creates his famous velvet truffle. Made with the very best cocoa and Perthshire cream, his chocolates are enjoyed in some of the world’s finest hotels, as well as on British Airways first class flights, and you can enjoy a tasting of some of the most delicious flavours. Warning: this experience will spoil you for ‘normal’ chocolate forever!

The other side of Aberfeldy, in Acharn, another great chocolatier, Charlotte Flower, offers pre-booked masterclasses and chocolate-making courses, so you can delve even deeper into the world of fine chocolate.

  1. Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery

Aberfeldy Distillery, a great food and drink experience in AberfeldyA visit to Scotland wouldn’t be complete without seeing a distillery, and Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery is one of the very best. Creating Aberfeldy single malt, known as the ‘Golden dram’, the site is also highly connected with the world-famous ‘Dewar’s’ brand, as its malt is a key part of the recipe for that blended Scotch. You can learn about (and taste!) both on your visit, and you may find yourself with a previously undiscovered love for Scotland’s national drink!

  1. Aberfeldy Farmers’ Market

Aberfeldy farmer's market A visit to the Farmers’ Market in Aberfeldy Town Square, is a chance to meet not one great local food producer, but several!

Taking place on the first Sunday of each month from 10am till 2pm, the market features an eclectic mix of suppliers, with fresh eggs, lamb, venison, cheese, plants, and handmade chocolates (courtesy of Charlotte Flower) all frequently seen. We’ve even taken part ourselves a few times, so be sure to come and say “Hi”!

  1. Errichel Farm Tour!

Shetland Cattle at Errichel Farm*Ahem* Ok, so I’ll admit to being completely biased, but we are very much a local food producer and would love you to visit us and see our farm! Situated a five minute drive above Aberfeldy, in the midst of some stunning views, we are a working hill-farm rearing rare-breed Shetland cattle, rare-breed Shetland sheep, and rare-breed ‘Large black’ pigs. Our happy animals are ethically reared, and have lots of space to roam and graze. A family-friendly farm tour with me gives you the opportunity to feed the animals, and find out more about our ethos.

My husband Chef Paul Newman also makes award-winning charcuterie, jams, pickles and preserves. In our farmhouse, we have a beautiful Deli/farmshop where you can purchase farm-reared meats, ice creams. and a host of other foodie treats, as well as a Bistro, where you can enjoy everything from delicious main courses created by Paul, to just a cup of great coffee and a slice of cake. Check out our website for more details.

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