Our beautiful area of Scotland has long been revered for its revered for its dramatic landscape of lochs, glens and mountains. Now, with the recent opening of two landmark cultural attractions, we’ve become an unmissable destination for enthusiasts of history and culture. The unveiling of the new Perth Museum and the revamped Scottish Crannog Centre mark a significant milestone, putting Perthshire firmly on the world cultural map.

Perth Museum

This classic Edwardian building has undergone a remarkable transformation following a £27 million redevelopment project. The museum’s new home displays more of the world renowned Perth Museum collection, a curated selection that gives a comprehensive overview of Scotland’s cultural heritage, making it a must-see attracton for history enthusiasts. The jewel in its crown is undoubtedly the Stone of Destiny, returning to Perthshire after more than 700 years. This iconic symbol of Scotland’s history takes centre stage, offering visitors a glimpse into Scotland’s royal past.

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The Scottish Crannog Centre

Even closer to Errichel, on the north side of Loch Tay near Kenmore, the Scottish Crannog Centre has made an amazing comeback after its devastating fire. Following almost three years of meticulous reconstruction, three crannogs, meticulously reconstructed stilted loch dwellings, transport visitors to Scotland’s ancient past. On the shores, an Iron Age settlement, complete with an amazing roundhouse woven from locally-sourced hazel branches, offers visitors a glimpse into ancient lifestyles.

We’ve always recommended a visit to the Crannog Centre – we love how visitors can witness live demonstrations of traditional crafts, including bread baking, jewellery making, and textile work. These hands-on experiences immerse visitors in the daily lives of Iron Age inhabitants, and are great for keeping kids (and adults) engaged and stimulated.

The simultaneous unveiling of the new Perth Museum and the Scottish Crannog Centre heralds a spring of landmark cultural initiatives in Perthshire. Together, these attractions offer a captivating journey through Scotland’s history, making Perthshire an unmissable destination for those seeking to explore the nation’s rich cultural heritage.

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Plan your next break today!

The recent openings of the Perth Museum and Scottish Crannog Centre really underscore Perthshire’s significance as a cultural hub within Scotland. If you’ve always loved Perthshire’s landscape, food and drink, and beautiful walks, here’s yet another reason (or two) to join us for a visit this year. We look forward to welcoming you soon!