Discover rewards on shopping & dining at Thyme Deli & Thyme Bistro

August 2021 Advertisement in the Quair - Thyme Reward loyalty programme at Errichel By now, you may have seen our advertising on social media regarding our new loyalty programme, Thy,e Rewards. Read on for full terms and conditions, and download and fill out your application form before you visit us next!

Earn points as you shop

Thyme Rewards works very similarly to other ‘card’ based loyalty programmes. Each time you visit us, give your card to our server when you pay. You will be given a point for every pound you spend in either our Deli or Bistro, on any item. However, at various times, we will offer special points promotions – these may be in the form of bonus points on certain products or combinations of products, or simply increased points on everything for a specified time period. During August 2021 as we launch the programme, you’ll earn ‘double’ points, so 2 points for every pound that you spend.   

Spend points across our business areas

When you’ve collected some points, you’ll be able to use them as payment or part-payment for all your purchases at Thyme Bistro, Thyme Deli. To spend your points in Thyme Bistro or Thyme Deli, simply present your card when you pay, and ask your server to take the cost of your items from your card. The only areas where you may not spend Thyme Reward points are: in our online shop, and for Errichel House & Cottages accommodation. Unfortunately we do not yet have a way to take payment from your card for online purchases.  

Get your card pre-loaded with 200 points

During the month of August 2021, we are launching ‘Thyme Rewards’, and as such, everyone joining the scheme in August will receive 200 points (worth £2.00 to spend here) pre-loaded on to their card. This offer is currently ends on 1 September, so ensure you join soon to make the most of this super offer! Convinced? Join online HERE.  

Questions and Answers…

I took part in previous promotions, so you already have my email address – can I still join Thyme Rewards?
Of course! We thank you for joining our mailing list previously, and we certainly wouldn’t want you to miss out on your Reward card. Just give your name and your existing email address. You will continue to receive occasional newsletters from us.  
Can I use my card for purchases online? 
Unfortunately, your ‘Thyme Rewards’ points cannot be used against purchases online. This is simply because at the moment we do not have a technical solution to do this. To be kept informed of future online offers, please join our email list.  
It’s no longer August – have I missed the 200 points/double points promotion? 
Yes – unfortunately that promotion was just for the month of August 2021. However, there’s still every  reason to get your card and start saving. There will certainly be special promotions and offers for cardholders in the future, so get on board now to start benefitting!  
Help! I would love to join, but I don’t use email or have an email address! 
If you’re in this situation, or know somebody who is, but who would love to get your ‘Thyme Rewards’ card and start using it, just call us on 01887 820 850 and we will sort this out for you.  
Can I spend my points on gift cards? 
Yes! We have no issue with transferring your points over to another card (or using them to pay for part of a gift card) so that you can give the gift of Errichel to a friend. They will also be able to use their gift card as a ‘Thyme Rewards’ card when they’ve spent the initial amount that you gave them!  
What happens if my purchase and the amount on my card don’t match? 
If the value of the points on your card is less than your purchase amount, you’ll be asked to pay the balance using cash or a credit card. If the value of the points on your card exceeds the purchase amount, you’ll be left with a remaining balance on your card. You also earn new points when you spend your points! So they’ll soon start building up again.  


‘Thyme Rewards’ is a loyalty programme run by Errichel for customers of Thyme Deli, Thyme Bistro, and Errichel House & Cottages. Eligibility for a card is at the discretion of the proprietors. Points earned using the scheme have no monetary value, and cannot be exchanged for cash. Points may be earned on purchases made in person at Thyme Bistro or Thyme Deli, but not on accommodation at Errichel House & Cottages. Points are redeemable against purchases made in person at Thyme Bistro or Thyme Deli, but not on bookings for accommodation at Errichel House & Cottages. Points are not redeemable against purchases made online. Points have no set expiry date. Errichel reserves the right to withdraw the scheme and/or to change these terms and conditions at any time and for any reason.