Like so many, Paul and I are appalled at the disaster unfolding in the Ukraine and feel we must do what we can to contribute to the effort to help the Ukrainian people. We are going through all our cupboards at home and in the business to find things that will help those people who have fled or lost their homes due to the war.  Blankets, towels, warm clothes, shoes, sanitary supplies will be bagged up and labeled and sent to a depot who can then take them to the Ukrainian borders to distribute to people. While the supply chain for this is getting up and running, we understand that cash is the fastest and most flexible way for us to send help.  We have pledged to donate up to 10% of our income from all accommodation bookings made in March to the Disasters Emergency Comittee, who can then distribute this effectively to charities working on the ground on the borders of Ukraine. We have set up a JustGiving page and made our first donation.  We will continue to donate up to 10% of our income from all accommodation bookings made during the month of March.  If you book a stay during the month of March for any time during 2022, 10% of the value of your booking will be donated to the DEC via this page. If you aren’t able to stay us but would still like to contribute you can join our efforts by donating through our page: Whatever you can do to help will be much appreciated by those affected by the war in Ukraine. We will continue to raise funds for as long as it is needed, so keep in touch with us to find out what we will be doing in the coming months.