Chilli Shetland Beef Biltong


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Our Shetland Cattle are reared outdoors all year round on a grass diet. Allowed to mature slowly, they forage on our hills in Highland Perthshire, producing a top quality and flavourful meat. We use low impact, sustainable and organic in principle farming methods to raise our animals. Taking care to make use of the whole animal – nothing is wasted.
Our Shetland Beef Biltong is made by our Chefs by hand in small batches from top-side and silver-side cuts. Our seasonings are all-natural and the result is a delicious, high protein snack – great for packing in your back pack if you are spending a day in the hills, or for after a work out at they gym, or even served as nibbles with drinks.
This Chilli version has an added kick to the seasoning and is a winner for those of you who like it hot!

11 in stock

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Ingredients: Shetland beef steak, sea salt, vinegar, aromatic spices, chilli and coriander.


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