• Do you love Aberfeldy? Give a brilliant taste of our beautiful home with our 'Made in Aberfeldy' hamper, and share this wonderful part of the world! Everything in this hamper is lovingly made in Aberfeldy or its near surroundings, and its beautiful gold-blocked front panel proudly states 'hand selected in Aberfeldy, Highland Perthshire'. It also comes in for a surprisingly digestible £29.50.
  • Our Craft Beer and Biltong Board is a keenly priced gift that packs a big punch. Your delighted recipient will receive a pack of Paul Newman's delicious hand-made Perthshire beef biltong, a craft beer brewed locally in Perthshire, some gourmet drinks biscuits, and a beautiful solid wood board to keep forever.
  • As the name suggests, this hamper suits those who love 'the finer things'. Based on delicious gorurmet foods created in Perthshire and Scotland, such as Persie Gin, Glen Lyon Coffee, Paul's own Kumquat and Chilli Chutney, and Charlotte Flower chocolate, nevertheless the hamper also contains some amazing items from further afield, such as our juicy Perello Gorda Olives, and delicious duck pate. Our gourmet 'finer things' hamper comes in for a surprising tasty £48.
  • If your gift recipient is a big beer fan, they'll love getting two of Scotland's top craft beers (from right here in Perthshire) to try. We've also included two delicious boxes of Drinks Biscuits from The Drinks Bakery, and two different packets of Paul's biltong, a delicious meat snack made from ethically-reared Perthshire cows. Your recipient can savour the contents gradually, or just enjoy one great night in!
  • Packed with tasty Gluten-free treats, our Gluten Free Hamper is the perfect gift for those living with coeliac disease, or indeed those who like to avoid gluten for any reason. There's no compromise with this Gluten Free Hamper, as we've used our years of experience catering for coeliacs at Errichel to hand-select the most delicious of items - so you don't need to.
  • For gift recipients with everything, our luxury Errichel hamper has some of the highlights of our range. This hamper includes artisan chocolate, luxury biscuits, Perthshire honey, drinks biscuits from The Drinks Bakery, Organic tea, Luxury crackers, a bottle of our hand-selected Prosecco, and Paul's very own Taste Award winning Kumquat & Chilli Chutney, and award-winning Biltong. It's enough to keep you in anyone's good books for an extremely long time!
  • The ultimate Scottish Food hamper, bringing together some of the finest delicacies currently created in Scotland. From delicious gourmet vinegar from the far-flung Island of Orkney, to Gin from Edinburgh's 'Secret Garden' Distillery, to Paul Newman's biltong made from our very own ethically-reared Shetland cows, this carefully curated hamper will delight anyone who loves Scotland, or just loves fabulous food and drink. 
  • For a delicious lean biltong, Paul has created this Venison Biltong, using Wild Margmore Venison from the land surrounding Errichel Farm. This biltong has a rich, flavoursome taste and great texture, making for a great handy pack of high protein snacks for people on the go. Our venison comes from wild deer that roam freely in this part of Scotland. Deer are hunted in line with the Governments own requirements to keep numbers down, making this an extremely ethical and sustainable meat choice. Biltong is a dried, cured, long lasting meat snack that originates in Southern Africa where Paul lived and worked for a number of years. It is similar to ‘jerky’, but biltong is cured/marinated before the drying process to impart a greater depth of flavour.


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