Brand new for 2023, our ‘bake at home’ pizzas make for a deliciously affordable treat. For a comparable price to a supermarket pizza, and for considerably less than an (often regretted!) takeaway pizza, you can now add your favourite toppings from our amazing Deli selection – the only limit is your own imagination (and the edges of your pizza!).

We will hand-assemble your chilled pizza, then you can take it home and bake it to perfection whenever required.

Use the simple form below to pre-order what you would like, and we’ll be in touch to arrange all the details – simple and delicious!

Aberfeldy Deli counter at Errichel

Need more information before you order your Deli Pizzas? – Scroll past our order from to view our FAQs.

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Please order your pizzas 24 hours in advance to guarantee your order. Deli pizzas can also be made in store 'whilst you wait', but please be aware that there may be a wait.
Changes to 9am-4.30pm in Summer

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Did you know, with your own 'Thyme Rewards' card, you could earn a generous 2 points per pound spent, on this very shop? Tick the box at the end, and we'll have your card, and points, waiting for you when you arrive.

Thyme Recommends...

Some classic flavours for ease of ordering, or scroll past these to create your own flavour
Margarita Pizza with Tomato Marinara & Mozzarella
Rustic Ham, Mushrooms, Peppers, & Artichoke

Create your own pizza 1

11-inch artisan base with marinara sauce & grated cheese

Create your own pizza 2

11-inch artisan base with marinara sauce & grated cheese

Create your own pizza 3

11-inch artisan base with marinara sauce & grated cheese

Create your own pizza 4

11-inch artisan base with marinara sauce & grated cheese

Anything else?

Our Thyme Deli is full of delicious produce, and if we have it in stock, we're more than happy to add it to your order. Let us know in the field below what you'd like - be advised that additional or altered items will affect your total spend. This will be discussed with you prior to payment.

Thyme Rewards

Remember that shopping with us has it rewards! If you have a 'Thyme Rewards' card, you'll earn a generous two points for every pound spent on your order, and seasonal promotions can earn you even more points.

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What our pizza customers say…

Please browse our Deli Pizza FAQs for more information if needed before you order.

Will you cook my pizza?

No - your pizza will be hand-assembled chilled, for you to cook at home when desired.

Can you make me a pizza if I just turn up when you're open?

Yes we can, but be aware that you may be asked to wait if we have other customers.

Will pizza feature on your Bistro menu?

There are no plans to offer pizza in the Bistro, but sign up to our newsletter to be advised of special events and menu changes.

Can you deliver Deli pizzas to my location?

Unfortunately we don't have a delivery service - please collect your chilled pizzas from Thyme Deli.

Do you make your own pizza bases?

Yes & No! We buy artisan pizza dough from a trusted supplier, then we hand-stretch, add marinara, and bake, before adding your delicious Deli toppings.

Can you make gluten free pizzas?

At present, we are not set up for gluten-free pizzas. Let us know via email if this would be of interest.

Can you make vegan pizzas?

We can make your pizza vegan - please choose a vegetarian pizza and state your requirement in the dietaries entry